• Are you scheduled for a new patient appointment with a physician in our practice? Has it been two (2) or more years since you’ve had an appointment with us? If so then please print, complete and bring with you the new patient packet below for the provider you are scheduled with so that we may update your chart.

    New Patient Packet for Dr Wilson
    New Patient Packet for Dr Cruz

  • Have you seen another provider that has records relevant to your upcoming appointment in our office? Do you need us to send your records from our office to you or to your other physicians? If so then please print, complete and return this release of information form to our office. Keep in mind records requests can take up to five (5) days for completion and may incur a fee.

    Release of Information

  • Are you transferring your allergy shot treatment into our practice from another provider? Below is a list of items you will need to bring with you to your appointment.

    Incoming Allergy Shot Checklist 

  • Would you like to begin your allergy shot (immunotherapy) treatment and have discussed this with your provider at your last visit? Below is the immunotherapy consent and policy. You will need to review it and then print, complete and return page 3 (and page 4 for minors) to our office, so that we may prepare your individualized immunotherapy serum. Once we receive the completed consent, it will take about a week to get your serum ready and you will be notified once you can come in to begin receiving your shots. Shot hours are listed in the policy and on the “Contact Us” tab.

    Patient IT Consent Policy Environmental
    Patient IT Consent Policy Venom

  •  Are you currently on allergy shots (immunotherapy) through our office and need to take your allergy serum to another office? Below is the immunotherapy consent and policy for other doctors. Once you have found a provider in your new area, that has agreed to administer your shots, you will need to provide them the packet below. The new physician will need to review our policy and both you and the new physician will need to sign the consent form (page 3). Once the completed and signed consent form is received and the shipping fee is paid, we will then ship your allergy serum to your new provider. To assist in finding a new physician you may want to visit www.aaaai.org and click on “Find a Physician”, it will ask you to enter your new zip code. This will provide you a listing of Board Certified Allergists in your new area.

    Outside Office Consent Policy

  • Do you have a school age child with asthma or food allergies? Each school year they will need a completed asthma or allergy action plan to provide to the school nurse. We have Leon County Forms on file and are happy to complete our sections for you. Keep in mind these forms will take up to a week to complete and will still require parents to complete and sign before submitting to the school. You may bring in forms provided by other schools as well. Permission to carry Rescue Inhalers or Epinephrine will ONLY be given to patients in middle or high school. All patients must have been seen within the last year by one of our physicians for us to complete any forms or renew refills. Please contact our office to have your child’s action plan(s) started, we will call you when it is ready to be picked up.